Shipping Remains to Mexico 

Marinella Funeral Home specializes in managing the final arrangements to bring your loved one home, and/or arranging their shipment to Mexico or worldwide. 

We make it our priority to ensure that all of your needs in any city or country are met to safely transport your loved one to and from their place of death. 

This process involves adhering to government regulations for the corresponding countries, by obtaining government documentation from the various agencies, coordinating with the other funeral home, embalming requirements, casket options, shipping container selection, arranging flights, service choices, and transportation.

We are international shipping experts with experience helping families return loved ones back to their home country for burial. 

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  • Basic professional services of funeral director and staff
  • Basic local transfer of remains from place of death to our facility
  • Embalming of remains
  • Dressing, cosmetizing and casketing of remains
  • International document preparation
  • Staff, mileage to Trenton and filing of international documents with Secretary of State
  • Staff, mileage to Philadelphia, PA  and filing of international documents with Mexican Consulate 
  • Basic casket / air tray as required by airline
  • Hearse transfer to Philadelphia International Airport
  • Option of local church service/viewing 
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